The Carlson Company Madison WI

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While we're a manufacturer of store fixtures, retail furnishings, and millwork, we never forget that we're a service company first and foremost.

It's people that make that service happen.
The average tenure of our key people is about
13 years. Their combined experience offers you unparalleled knowledge and dependability.

Chris Carlson
Officer | Owner
33 years

Joe Prey
Officer | Director of Estimating
14 years

Karen Kentrell
Officer | Sr. VP Business Development
3 years

Fall of 1983
First Location, 211 N. Few Street in Madison, WI
in a 2-car garage.

Spring of 1984
Moved shop to 516 East Wilson in Madison, WI. Next to an old strip club, where I lived on the stage. Later that year moved to 943 Stewart Street. First real shop, about 1500 square feet. Lived in the office, first real machinery. Hired first 4 employees and was able to get an apartment to live in!

Summer of 1985
Big move to new building at 2901 Perry Street,
7,000 square feet and 8 employees.

Summer of 1987
moved to present location. 2305 Daniels Street, Madison WI. Repossessed 23,000 square feet and had about 15 employees. Local commercial work.

Summer 1991
Started building nationwide store fixtures.

Winter 1992
First building addition, south wing.

Spring 1997
Added first warehouse, and metals and glass departments.

Spring 2007
Added second warehouse, and shipping department.

Spring 2008
Started importing worldwide.

Spring 2010
After closer inspection it shows that Chris's car is leaking oil on the parking lot and we are committed to holding him personally responsible for remediating this oil spill.